David Schlussel
yoga instruction & breath work
david@org.org ~ 510.337.9446
2003 Anusara advanced studies course with Katchie Gaard, San Francisco, CA
Feldenkrais Workshop with Kathleen Dunne, Royal Oak, MI
Scaravelli Yoga workshop with Diane Long, Albany, CA
2002 Dynamic Yoga Teacher training with Godfrey Devereaux, Ibiza, Spain
Dynamic Yoga workshop with Godfrey Devereaux, London, UK
Scaravelli style classes with Gary Carter Brighton, UK
2001 Pranayama workshop with Angelika Grohmann, London, UK
Ashtanga Workshop with BNS Iyengar and Godfrey Devereaux, Whitby, UK
Moving into the center workshop with Rosy Moon, London, UK
Ashtanga Mysore style with Alex Medin, Sarah Litton, London, UK
1999-2000 Ashtanga Mysore style w/ Alice Joanou, Gretchen Nelson , San Francisco
1998 Ashtanga Mysore style w/ Robert, John Robb, Annie McQuade, San Francisco
1997 Ashtanga Primary Series with Joshua Feinbloom San Francisco

Public Hatha Classes, Berkeley Yoga Center, Berkeley CA
Public Dynamic and Extra-Gentle Yoga Classes, Eden Yoga, Castro Valley, CA
Private Lessons around SF Bay area
Substitute teaching at 7th Heaven Yoga, Piedmont Yoga, and above

2002 Private Lessons, Lewes, UK
2001 Assistant instructor in Mysore style class, Yoga Place E2, London, UK
Private Lessons, London, UK
  PRACTICING My five day a week practice consists of pranayama, followed by a series of postures pulled mostly from the Ashtanga primary and secondary series, followed by vipassana meditation.
  READING I've been studying various translations of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I regularly refer to Iyengar's "Light on Yoga" and "Light on Pranayama"; Devereaux's "Elements of Yoga" and "Hatha Yoga Breath By Breath"; Schiffmann's "The Art of Moving Into Stillness"; Friend's "Anusara Teachers Training Manual"; Swenson's "Ashtanga Yoga the Practice Manual"; Feurstein's "The Yoga Tradition".
  STYLING I teach via the Dynamic yoga method. A step by step progression through increasingly challenging postures, synchronized with breath, with an emphasis on spiralic adjustments and an inward focus. Props are rarely reccomended aside from a cushion for pranayama and meditation. All classes end with a meditation. After we have shaken up the samskara through the postures we need to sit with them so they can be resolved.
  PHILOSOPHISING   I believe that to be considered a yoga class rather than a stretch class or an acrobatics class we need to pay at least a little attention to Patanjali. I take care to pass on a word or two of his wisdom as I teach.